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01 November 2005 @ 10:27 pm
Another meme. Kinda long-ish, thus the cut.

Ten random things about me:
1. I'm an alto
2. I'm a spaz
3. I'm Catholic
4. I took seven years of piano lessons, but the only things I remember from heart are Für Elise, Pachebel’s Canon and the theme from Star Wars
5. I do judo
6. I own 7 gaming systems ^_^;;
7. I speak three languages
8. I love to read
9. I play cut-throat at games like Monopoly and Scrabble
10. I wrote a final paper for Anthro about Miyazaki movies (including pictures) and got an A on it

Nine ways to win my heart:
11. Sing bass
12. appreciate my unique sense of humor
13. Smile
14. share my love of travel
15. be as nerdy as I am, and not afraid to show it
16. not mind waiting in a museum as I sketch things
17. be willing to join me when I binge on 90’s cartoons
18. really listen
19. Be smart, but not arrogant

Eight things I want to do before I die:
20. See the palace of Knossos
21. Visit Pompeii
22. Hear Michael Crawford sing in person
23. Learn at least 3 more foreign languages (probably French, Chinese and Arabic, though Russian and Italian are cool, too)
24. meet the person who’s my other half
25. go to as many U2 concerts as humanly possible
26. get to the point where I can live my life as eco-friendly as possible. Hybrid car, recycle *everything*, the works
27. watch all three extended editions of Lord of the Rings back to back, in one sitting

Seven things I believe in:
28. The ability of my generation to make a difference in this world
29. the unwavering love and support of my family
30. the inherent goodness of humanity
31. that friendship can survive years, distance and even neglect.
32. showing my emotions
33. hugs
34. true love

Six things that get me mad:
35. ignorance
36. bigotry
37. when my computer decides to stop working for no reason I can see
38. people who throw recyclables in the trash when there’s a recycling bin *right there* >=(
39. when someone sings loudly and off key, trying to show off
40. Condescension

Five things I'm afraid of:
41. never meeting “the one”
42. heights
43. working under someone incompetent
44. being rejected
45. needles

Four of my favorite things in my room:
46. My books
47. the paintings I did of W&M
48. the pictures of family and friends on my walls
49. my sketchbooks

Three things I do everyday:
50. brush my teeth! Dentist’s kid, after all…
51. sing along to my mp3’s
52. check my friend’s away messages

Two things I need to do right now:
53. load the dishwasher
54. pick up my apartment

One person I want to see right now:
55. himitsu desu ^.~
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Audreyspringphoenix on November 2nd, 2005 06:17 pm (UTC)
my dad holds yearly LotR marathons. the next one coming up is Dec 17th in Cville. you could come if you like.
thevectorthevector on November 2nd, 2005 06:20 pm (UTC)
Ah, the married-woman-former-roomie! *hugs* Sadly, I'll probably be home by then, as my only exam is ridiculously early (Dec. 7). But it's good to know other nerds of my caliber exist. ^_^ Much love!