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27 June 2005 @ 09:45 pm
I know, I'm a terrible person for updating so infrequently...sorry  
Let me just say that working with little kids takes a lot out of you. Other than that, I'm surprised at how well I took to it (knock on wood) considering how I've always maintained that I dislike children. But yes, I spent most of my day following around a group of 2-3 year olds. Though they speak an incomprehensible language all their own half the time, they were super-cute and, for the most part, really sweet tempered. Another bit of time was spent as a human chair/playground/jungle gym for some 4-5 year olds, especially a little mynx called Morgan, who were literally crawling all over me for a good half hour. *sigh* At least I felt loved. By the end of the day I was watching this girl who was really down, (turns out she missed her mommy) and I almost felt bad that I had to leave at 5. Weird. I can honestly say I never expected to like working with kids. I really didn't. Of course, it's only been one day, but still.

Still working on posting my France pics. Figure I'll have to get photobucket or some such to do so. Eh. My laziness is compounded by exhaustion (translation: don't hold your breath)
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